2019 OTB Martinborough Team Time Trial

2nd ttt2

OTB Team Time Trial delivers – great enjoyment and a proud group of worthy winners    


On a fantastic sunny Wairarapa Saturday afternoon 40 lean racers left the starters blocks with the aim of ripping up the tarmac – and generally having a fun time.  There were some cunning tactics, strategies and a lot of pre-ride banter – even one poser warming up on rollers !!

Needless to say experience and a strong “leave no one behind” sprit – together with some fairly meaty quads – saw the originals riding in the aptly named Team Fast led by Mike Bazalo (Past Pres for Life) finishing in 1st place with all 9 riders intact – great effort and strong camaraderie, fun to witness.

In 2nd place we saw the Janet Chilton led Fab Five team power home just behind the 1st place getters – seriously good effort on a windy course for a team of featherweight riders btw.

3rd place was snatched with fastest time (and probably the most rule violations) by the Diesel Fitters led by our Pres for life Ric Van Weede

With all teams crossing the finish line in a 5 mins window the finish line was a buzz with smiling faces, stories from the road and a number of 1st time TTT riders super happy with their performances – those that stayed over went on, had relaxing drinks, meal and a casual Sunday recovery ride.

This is a great event, everyone wins in some way – I’m looking forward to the next occasion - get involved it is so much fun !!