25th April 2021 ANZAC day Alternative Wairarapa jaunt.


The commemorative day rolled around and a group of 20 OC riders turned up in Martinborough on a beautiful sunny Sunday to pay respects to all those that sacrificed for our magic lifestyle – past and present.  The pace out of town was as social as advertised and there was a lot of catching up going on in the bunch – some riders hadn’t been out in the OC group/s since Covid Lockdowns March 2020, plenty of news.

The group split into two after 20km when the pace picked up and split further as some pushed up Admirals and others headed back up Homebush.  Admirals is a sensational climb, with the ramp quite testing even at a social pace, riders were spread all over the hillside - a small select number pushed to the final summit. 

It was suggested that we ride “tempo” back so those who had ridden the full climb could get on – “tempo” obviously equals “on the rivet” to some stronger riders as two of us chased at 33kph into the wind and were still going backwards at a rate of knots J

The ride back to Martinborough was pretty solid, into a block headwind and needless to say no one got back on to the tempo group J,  yet we all enjoyed a good safe ride back for coffee, cake and war stories. 

Thanks to all who came along and participated in a fantastic day out.