Onslow Cycling "kit" Design


Our designer, Lisa Holmes has with the help of Neil Pardington, created some great designs and these have been progressively narrowed down to the final 3 – which we would like you to vote on.


If you vote we expect you to be happy to wear the kit with pride and to reflect the OC communities values - If you have no intention of ever purchasing and/or riding in the kit then obviously do not vote.


Onslow Cycling kit   Survey 2 vote here   - 2nd 100 votes


Background to the designs

  • The previous survey on design ideas told us:
  • You wanted a simple word mark or Icon for a Logo – you now have that and can be seen on our website and the attached documents.
  • You wanted some red and green in the kit design
  • You wanted white, black or grey as the alternative colours
  • You agreed wholeheartedly that colours could be adjusted
  • You definitely wanted it highly visible
  • A clear leaning toward a modern design which should be simple
  • Reflect our location – Onslow/Kaukau/Wellington, and culture.


Once a final decision is made, the rest of the kit design (shorts etc) will be created.

When will they be ready? Depending on these last final tasks and how quickly you respond to ordering, its likely we will have the kit to us by the end of October – or at least ready for Taupo.