Korokoro, Moonshine and Grays Road

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Red Route - 75km

  1. Down Onslow Road and along SH2 to Petone over bridge on to Hutt Rd
  2. Keep left and follow Hutt Road ride past Petone Railway station and tun left and proceed up Korokoro Road regroup at intersection of Dowse Road
  3. Turn left proceed down Miromiro Road to turn left onto Stratton Road, regroup at the top and proceed down Sweetacres Dr with caution to rejoin SH2 at Belmont.
  4. Turn left up At Belmont option is to cross SH2 and proceed north up the river road (Blue Route), this avoids the 500m of narrow verge on SH2 just past Belmont.
  5. Otherwise proceed up SH2 to Moonshine.
  6. Then up the steep side of Moonshine and down to Judgeford.
  7. Turn right at Judgeford and head to Pauatahanui.
  8. At Pauatahanui there is the option to do the south or north side of the inlet.
  9. Then return to Khandallah via Porirua and Tawa.

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