Te Marua via Eastern Hutt

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Te Marua via Eastern Hutt - 93km

  1. Down Onslow Road, riding slowly along to Ngauranga to regroup.
  2. There's a short cycle on the Ngauranga lights, so pull up close and don't muck around getting started.
  3. Single file from Ngauranga to Petone and on the bridge that takes us over the Hutt River.
  4. At Taita look out for the corner where the left-hand line goes to the left and the right-hand line to the right of a traffic island.
  5. At the end of Eastern Hutt Drive, we stay in the right-hand lane along Fergusson Drive before again turning right into Silverstream.
  6. Head to Brown Owl, regrouping for a toilet stop a couple of km up the Akatarawa Road.
  7. Turn right off Akatarawa Road into Gemstone Drive, which becomes Topaz St, before turning left back onto SH2.
  8. Turn right at Te Marua, riding through Maymorn and Whitemans Valley.
  9. Regroup and toilet stop in Slverstream after going down the Blue Mountains.
  10. Watch the area on SH2 just after Silverstream. Go single file and leave big gaps. This has been a black spot for us.
  11. Just North of the Melling intersection exit SH2 by taking the first left at Block Road and rejoin SH2 at the Petone overbridge.

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