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Onslow Cycling is a Wellington-based cycling
community with a focus on improving fitness, technique, riding safely and having fun !


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1,100 km Across the North Island with GG

January 9 2021
Looking for some motivation or an “off the beaten track” adventure for the bucket list – here’s an idea from Gill Gray.  Ride from New Plymouth to East Cape (or the East to West direction) on the Kennetts Bros created KŌPIKO AOTEAROA, a 1,086km ride primarily on back roads and gravel ...

What are you doing for your 2021 break ?

January 1 2021
Check out Gill's progress I’m always amazed at what our friends get up to in the name of rest and relaxation.  I expect most of you know about the Tour Aotearoa (3,000km North to South of NZ) well there is a sister ride/route Kopiko Aotearoa which goes East Cape to New Plymouth or East to West ...