Drop of Thanks - DONE !!

Marty drop of thanks

"what a fantastic idea"....."What a thoughtful and kind gesture!! Super idea guys. A little thanks goes a long way".............."terrific gesture, mum and dad were gobsmacked, loved it" 

These are a selection of the comments back from local Ohariu Valley and Makara residents to the OTB "drop of Thanks" gesture.

50 or so riders supported by Jo, Tom, Carol and Andrew rode the loop and distributed >1500 cookies, all bagged and decorated to look fantastic.   A considerable number of surplus cookies (only had 200 bags) went to the charity - a huge thanks to EVERYONE who helped, baked, bagged, delivered and supported.  You're a great crew.

As always the weather did the Wellington thing and smiled on us to create a perfect day out.

It was a sensational way to meet the community on this popular circuit and definitely had the Xmas fun-day feel - there is no question in my mind that this is a super positive step for Wellington cycling and will build stronger community ties.

Sunday Cookie run photos 

Enjoy your Xmas time - ride safe, ride hard and build the base.