Official Onslow Cycling Kit

Riders are encouraged to wear the Onslow Cycling kit. At present we are working through creating the new range - once sorted we will (again) have a wide range of club cycling clothing available in various size and styles.


Images COMING SOON !!!



Commonly ordered items are as follows:


  • Short-sleeve jersey (tech $106; performance $150; apex $188)
  • Long-sleeve tech jersey $125
  • Performance  cycle shorts (with endurance chamois) $163
  • Performance bib shorts (with endurance chamois) $171
  • Apex bib shorts $200
  • Performance winter knickers bib style $200
  • Performance winter tights bib style $224
  • Apex winter tights bib style $273
  • Tech wind vest (light weight) $ 115
  • Performance wind vest (with pockets) $125
  • BMX / Downhill jersey $127

If you wish to

  • reorder
  • discuss sizing or style options
  • try on some samples
  • make a general enquiry

Please contact our clothing coordinator via this  email with your enquiry