2014 OTB Tour de Massif Central (Ile du Nord)

The 8th 4 day tour will take place in the central North Island over the weekend of  Friday17th - Monday 20th October.

Tour will be based in Ohakune and cover around 400km in total and knock off some of our iconic climbs , total ascent will be  over 7,000m

The ride schedule and details are set out in the following document: 

2014 OTB Tour de Massif Central (Ile du Nord) Ride Plan

The Photos


Final team list of 49.


First Last Grade Group Team leader
Neil Pardington 1 Ngauruhoe  
Ric Van Weede 1 Ngauruhoe Captain
Tim Goodall 2 Ngauruhoe  
Richard Martin 2 Ngauruhoe  
Philip Orchard 2 Ngauruhoe  
Jonathan Paape 2 Ngauruhoe  
Pia Raudkivi 2 Ngauruhoe  
Malcom Standrill 2 Ngauruhoe  
Liz Tomlinson 2 Ngauruhoe  
John Hedge 3 Ngauruhoe  
Leta Kane 3 Ngauruhoe  
Sandy MacFarlane 3 Ngauruhoe  
Jamie MacKay 1 Ruapehu  
Steve Strain 1 Ruapehu  
Paul Barnes 2 Ruapehu Captain
James Betteridge 2 Ruapehu  
Gregor Bruce 2 Ruapehu  
Gillian Bruce 2 Ruapehu  
Ross Buckley 2 Ruapehu  
Ollie Gilbert 2 Ruapehu  
Jo Leech 2 Ruapehu  
Rick Holmes 3 Ruapehu  
Rebecca Speirs 3 Ruapehu  
Neil Stodart 3 Ruapehu  
Gavin Cho 1 Tauhara Captain
Mike Faherty 1 Tauhara  
Mike Revell 1 Tauhara  
David Comans 2 Tauhara  
Kara Daly 2 Tauhara  
Dave Flynn 2 Tauhara  
Dave Levick 2 Tauhara  
Marty McDonnell 2 Tauhara  
Alan Moss 2 Tauhara  
Stephanie Revell 2 Tauhara  
Tim Blackmore 3 Tauhara  
Helen Bradford 3 Tauhara  
Mike O'Sullivan 3 Tauhara  
James Barnsley 1 Tongariro  
Shane Collett 1 Tongariro Captain
Rachael Cunningham 1 Tongariro  
Andrew Elliston 2 Tongariro  
Frank Geoghegan 2 Tongariro  
Jo Geoghegan 2 Tongariro  
Ross Jackson 2 Tongariro  
Mike Phillips 2 Tongariro  
Kath Tate 2 Tongariro  
Mike Bazalo 3 Tongariro  
Gary Delbridge 3 Tongariro  
David Lloyd 3 Tongariro