Ethos and Safety Procedures

It is important for people contemplating riding with Onslow Cycling (OC) to understand what we are about, which is safety, fun, improving fitness, riding technique and comradeship. The objective is to ensure OC riders have the opportunity to pursue their personal riding goals safely.

OC promote:

  • an awareness of safety
  • adherence to safety guidelines
  • observance of the road code
  • reporting of hazards and incidents to local authorities and police

To ride with OC it is expected that you have read and accepted our safety statement below and guidelines and that you will commit to promote safe riding, and ensure the safety of others.

Safety Statement

Onslow Cycling  are a social riding group. If you choose to join us on a ride, you do so freely, at your own risk and you must agree to abide by all the road rules.
Each of us is expected to act in a manner that enhances the safety of the group and be responsible for their own safety. You must not rely on the actions or decisions of others in your group without checking for yourself whether any particular movement is safe (for example, calls that it is clear to cross an intersection). You must have a good level of cycling fitness, have a roadworthy bike that is regularly maintained, be confident and capable of riding your bike on often busy and dangerous roads. If there is any rider who is uncomfortable with any of these conditions then it's probably best that you do not ride with Onslow Cycling.