Grand Tours Social Evening


While the French were in the middle of celebrating what has to be described as the most exciting TdF in the last decade (at least) 45 OTB revelers got together at Automat, conversed, drank, eat and got to test our memories over obscure cycling trivia.

Fashion prizes were picked up by Bernard, Shona, and Mossy (who felt the need to bring along his own supply of EPO dispensers). 

Special thanks again to; Shane and Rachael (KiwiVelo) for the prize contributions and assistance with the quiz. Bernard "the Belgian" Champion for his help with that European pronunciation problem and Craig & co for putting up with us for the evening.

Brilliant evening, great TdF (left wondering "what if" Pinot hadn't injured himself)  so how will the Vuelta shape up ?

 Enjoy the last of Winter, summer is on it's way !!