Great Jaunt for Kings Birthday outing


Leaving Wellington on a chilly, wintery Sunday we headed over the hill (hardly any traffic, one of the bonuses of Sunday morning on a public holiday weekend) to meet up with 16 or so OC riders throwing down the pre-ride coffee.

Temperature was very moderate and actually quite balmy in the sun, great little group headed out over the anti clockwise Millers (OC TTT) loop, little bit of testosterone and flare for the small climbs and plenty of social banter.

It's amazing how quickly you can knock off the 50km when you're having fun - which we were.  Saw a few other riders out there (including Ian Harris's Karen coming the opposite way over Millers summit - nice) and local boy Drew ensured we didn't overly annoy the locals.

I cut out after 50km however I'm reliably told (Diesel) that the anticipated rain skirted right past them on the Southern loop.  Was hosing down on the Rima's when we drove back.

Next "weather dependent"  jaunt is scheduled for 2nd of July - stay tuned.