Bays and Makara

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Red Route - 72km

  1. Down Onslow Road and along Thorndon Quay
  2. There's a short cycle on the lights by the Railway Station, so pull up close and don't muck around getting started.
  3. Don't worry too much about getting split up through the traffic lights in town.
  4. Regroup from Oriental Bay.
  5. Stop at the top of Mt Crawford, just past the prison and regroup.
  6. Beware of the judder bars on the Crawford descent.
  7. Regroup & toilet stop at the bottom of Awa Rd at Worser Bay.
  8. Ride around the Southern coast via Pass of Branda to Owhiro Bay
  9. Ascend Happy Valley Road
  10. Regroup at top of Brooklyn in the car park on the crn of Ohiro Rd & Brooklyn Rd
  11. Descend  Ohiro Rd (caution as steep and narrow at the bottom and often oncoming traffic)
  12. Left into Aro Street
  13. Regroup at top of Raroa Rd on crn of Moana Rd.
  14. Take the first entrance into Karori and head up Messines Road.
  15. Regroup at school in Makara.

Magenta Route - 80km

  1. Nip up to the windmill as you pass through Brooklyn.

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