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Saturday 1st November.

Thanks to all the 400 plus who have entered so far.

This years event is based from Coromandel Township with the following programme;

  • K4 - Starts from Coroamndel Town at 10pm on Friday eveningĀ  (23 entries so far !!)
  • K2 - Starts from Coromandel Town from 7.45am onwards
  • K150 - Starts from Thames at 10.30am
  • K1 - Starts from Tairua from 11.45am
  • Nicholas Browne Challenge - starts from Whitianga at 9.30am

Unfortunately kauri dieback has recently been discovered on ourĀ  Cyclo Cross and Mountain Bike course and we will need to postpone this event until next year.

For more information and online entry visit our website at

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