MTB - Colonial Knob

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meet at the top of the rise on Raiha Street entrance (normal OTB first hill regroup point).

try the Porirua Grand Traverse - 2016 Mtn Bike Route

At Rahia St entrance head into Colonial Knob 4WD track .

Ø The course heads south now, taking the Spicers Link single track for 2k to the Broken Hill Botanical Reserve.

Ø At the Botanical Reserve riders follow the 1k long Loop track and then turn onto the Reservoir track and onto a track called “The Doctor”, which travels for 2k north past the reservoirs back to the Colonial Knob farm track.

Ø The course turns left now, heading up the main 4WD farm track for approx. 3k almost to the top of Colonial Knob.

Ø Just before the Telecom Towers the course turns left onto farm land and follows a 4WD track on a 2k loop back to the Farm Road about 1k below where it went in.

Ø The route then goes back down the Farm Rd for 1k and then turns sharp left into a track called Chimney Sweep. 

Ø Chimney Sweep is a narrow down hill single track for 1.5k almost to the bottom of Colonial Knob.

Ø  The end of Chimney Sweep is a sharp left turn back onto the Farm Rd for 1k of downhill back to Rahia St. 

 do it again or go to the very top

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