ODB Mountain Biking


The Onslow Dirt Babies (ODB’s) meet each Saturday morning at 8:30am at various mountain bike track locations around the region 

 The introduction of more user friendly and easily accessible mountain bike tracks in Wellington have rekindled the rush of riding on wonderful purpose built single tracks without the white knuckled danger of years gone by. 

We have a very simple ethos.

  • Single Track is the aim.
  • We respect the efforts of track builders and not ride when tracks are too wet after heavy rainfall.
  • Tar Seal is for Sunday unless it’s on the way to get our coffee.
  • We stick together, fastest first, slowest second last, with an experienced rider sweeping up.
  • Use Easy and Intermediate Tracks. Advanced Tracks can be by individual or group arrangement.
  • Regular regrouping at track intersections.
  • Riders must be competent and self-sufficient (tubes, tools, hydration, food, etc.).
  • You don’t mind being called Dirty.